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Hodges Window & Glass of Baltimore is a window and glass company providing fast turnaround times at competitive rates for commercial and residential customers. Our community-rooted family business was opened in 1960 and passed down to a second generation in 1992. Over the years, we have earned a solid reputation for offering high-quality service within every budget. Our team of window and glass specialists is well-known in the region for their expertise and quick service times. Contact us today to get a quote on your project.

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In 1960, Dean Hodges opened the old-fashioned hardware store in Middle River that would soon become Hodges Window & Glass. Customers would bring in broken toasters, kerosene heaters, old faucets, and more and Dean would fix it all. He, his wife Wynona, and their kids lived above the store. As soon as they were big enough, his sons John and Gary worked in the store.

As Dean earned a reputation for honest business, the store grew, and soon he bought another store in Aberdeen. When Dean passed away shortly after, John took over running the Middle River store while Gary ran the Aberdeen store.

Over 30 years ago John began repairing windows on site and in the Middle River store and so the present day Hodges Window & Glass was born. Today, John Hodges continues to share his expertise with his customers and pass it along to his team.

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Our Commitment to Customers

Hodges Window & Glass maintains our long-standing commitment to quality, service, value, and fairness. We are dedicated to providing the very best products in the glass industry and to dependably serve our greater community, and continue to nurture a culture of friendship and trust among our employees, customers, and business peers.

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The team at Hodges Window & Glass is always happy to help with your window, glass and screen needs. Take advantage of our one-hour service times on double pane windows repairs brought into our shop. Call us today for more information, or bring your repair into our shop to get a quote!