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On-Site Window & Glass Repair

Hodges Window & Glass is your go-to call for on-site window and glass repair. With 7 trucks on the road, our team is happy to travel to your home or business.

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The Hodges mobile team provides on-site service that allows us to address critical repairs quickly. When you have exterior entryway glass or other damage in need of an emergency repair, you need fast service you can depend on. Hodges can provide on-site emergency repair quickly, so you can rest assured that the property is secure and get back to business.

Our team can also restore windows and window framing that are sagging from age and the elements. Having served the Baltimore metropolitan region since 1960, Hodges has expertly restored damaged and aging windows in all shapes and sizes in historic properties around the city.


Screens, doors, and windows in disrepair can make even a well-kept home look shabby. Often simply repairing these worn and damaged screens and windows is all that is needed to tidy and refresh the look of your home. If you need repairs to items in your home that you’re unable to bring in to our shop, our team can come to you. Repairs to built-in structures such as patio doors, screened enclosures, storm doors, or windows are no problem for Hodges’ mobile repair service. With a call to our shop, our team can get you set up with an appointment.


Realtors can sell a property with confidence by having a reliable source to fix any unsightly or damaged glass or windows on a listed property. Our team can replace or repair glass on-site promptly to enhance curb appeal and get the home or commercial property ready to sell.