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Single & Double Pane Window Repair

There’s no need to let money go out the window due to sagging and damaged windows and glass panes. The professionals at Hodges can do single and double pane window repair on-site or in-shop.

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Double Pane Windows

If you live in a newer home, or have recently replaced windows in an older home, you may have double pane, or thermal, windows. Double pane windows provide an extra layer of insulation and noise-reduction over single pane windows because they have two panes of glass, often with an insulating core of argon gas in between. The windows are sealed on the inside and outside to help your home maintain a consistent temperature.

There are many advantages to having double pane windows, such as energy efficiency, easy cleaning and utility cost savings, but they also require expertise to repair. Fortunately, our highly skilled team has the knowledge to handle window repairs no matter what style of windows you have in your home.

Fogging Causes and Damage Potential

Extreme temperature changes, like we have here in the mid-Atlantic, can cause the seal on window panes to fail over time, especially in wooden window frames where the elements deteriorate the wood. Broken seals allow moisture to seep in and cause condensation and moisture build-up, called fogging.

On single pane windows, this often requires the glass to be replaced and resealed. On double pane windows, moisture can build up between the panes and may require the entire IGU (insulated glass unit) to be replaced.

Aside from the loss of insulation causing expensive heat and air conditioning to go out the window, moisture build-up over time can lead to further damage to your home. Mold and mildew can grow (often undetected), potentially causing serious health and safety issues.

If you have fogged windows in your home, trusting the repair to the professionals at Hodges Window & Glass can often end up saving you money in the long run.